History of foundation

"Concern "Radio technical and informational Systems", JSC is one of key industries of AFC "System" that is first rate company in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States orientated on market of high tech service. "Concern "Radio technical and informational Systems", JSC consolidates the leading Russian companies which have a great scientific and industrial potential as well as experience in realization complicated projects in high technology field. They are: Institute of Radio Engeneering n.a. Academician Mints A.L., JSC, Scientific Research institute of Telecommunication, Research and Production Complex, JSC, Saransk Television plant, JSC and some other enterprises of similar profile.
Saint Petersburg department of "Concern "RTI Systems", JSC was established in 2007, 1-st October. Today it is upcoming enterprise with strong research-and-production potential.

About company

Saint Petersburg department of "Concern "RTI Systems" is specialized in developing software for large systems in real time, systems of data processing and transferring as well as in engineering irregular electronics.
We are concentrated in developing software for different aims that are: management systems, programs of processing and visualization 2D and 3D information, hardware and software package at system drivers level, web-portals, databases, complicated calculating physico-mathematical models etc as well as developing compact programmable devices such as devices of digital processing and devices of controlling and coupling.
The team of professional developers works according to conventional international ISO and ROP standards providing with all levels of software production: analysis, designing, releasing requirements specification, coding, debugging, maintenance, guarantee and author"s supervision. Different target hardware-based platforms of software products are used: from OS of Unix and Windows family to microcontrollers. Subject to required functional aims different program languages are chosen: from low-level and specific ones (asm, HDL etc) to object-oriented languages (C++, Java etc) and web programming languages (PHP, HTML Java-script, Asp etc). Modern libraries, programming tools, technologies and approaches are used.